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A Gesture and a Word 
97 minutes
Director: Dave Davidson
Year: 2016
Country: USA

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At 50 years old, musician and poet Rob Morsberger learns he has terminal brain cancer. With time running out, Rob launches into a creative sprint, performing live, arranging the work of friends (including Marshall Crenshaw, Brad Roberts, and Suzzy Roche), and recording four albums of original material, including a touching goodbye to his eight year-old son. Rather than succumb to the shockingly grim news that he has less than two years to live, Rob uses it as fuel to launch into the most prolific period of his career. Utilizing whatever remains of his physical and spiritual resources, he explores through words and music the nature of life, the inevitability of death, and the infinite magic in the detail of a single moment. This musical legacy is a gift to his son, but is ultimately for all to hear. 

Directorís Statement: Dave Davidson 

Since our first meeting in 2007, Rob Morsberger and I were always collaborating on one project or another. When Rob was diagnosed, we just agreed that Iíd keep shooting and he would keep making music. At that time, I had no idea the amount of brilliance, focus, and sheer joy that Rob would pack into his final 20 months, but that is what shines through in this film. Itís an astonishing testament to the triumph of the creative spirit even in the most devastating circumstances. At first, this may sound like a film about dying, but it is most definitely a film about living.
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