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14 minutes
Director: Wallace Langham
Year: 2016
Country: USA

Sat 3:40 PM , Sun 6:40 PM

Based on a true story, Closure follows the journey of a man whose life is irrevocably changed when he finds out his father, who he hasnít seen in 15 years, has died. With former Oregon Shakespeare Festival company actors: David DeSantos and Stephanie Beatriz. 

Directorís Statement: Wallace Langham 

As a father of three, Closure struck a deep chord in me. It was an honor to direct as my first short film. I hope that it strikes a chord in you, too.

Plays with:

The Stairs 
33 minutes
Director: Zach Bandler and Kelly Blatz
Year: 2016
Country: USA

A moving performance by Anthony Heald, long-time Ashland resident and actor with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, highlights The Stairs, as an older man hires a male escort for company on Christmas Eve. Faced with the realities of his own loneliness, he finds a strange kinship with the young man in this late-night exploration of solitude, intimacy, and the basic human need for connection.  

Directorsí Statements: Zach Bandler, Kelly Blatz 

Zach Bandler: I feel like this story is a way for me to ask people Iíve known about their lives and the choices theyíve made. This film isnít about whatís right or wrong. Itís about all of us just doing the best we can.

Kelly Blatz: I was compelled to make The Stairs because of my interest in exploring the themes of loneliness, escape, and the complicated relationships between sex, love, and intimacy.

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