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In the Radiant City 
95 minutes
Director: Rachel Lambert
Year: 2016
Country: USA
Thu 6:00 pm , Fri 9:00 pm , Sun 12:00 pm

Andrew is haunted by the eyewitness memory of his older brother Michael’s unthinkable crime and his own testimony against him. Now after 20 years in prison, Michael is up for a new trial that may free him. Returning to his Kentucky hometown for Michael’s re-sentencing, Andrew is confronted by his distraught mother, his angry sister, who blames him for their fractured family, and a teenage niece with troubles of her own. Taut and suspenseful, this family’s baggage is tangled and true. 

Director Rachel Lambert will receive the 2017 Faerie Godmother Award presented by AIFF and POWfest in Portland 

Director’s Statement: Rachel Lambert 

In February 2012, I read a New York Times article entitled “Killers’ Families Confront Fear and Shame,” and the very next day I was on the phone with the journalist, Serge Kovaleski. I had yet in my life to read such a de turn of journalism that pro led voices from this side of a violent narrative, Finding humanity in something so inhuman. I was particularly drawn to one of the families pro led, the White family, wherein a sister turned in her brother for a series of murders. As a result, this family seemed plagued with an uncommon kind of pain, one that frustrated my natural inclination to assign the players with either “good” or “bad.” at ambiguity seemed potent and I knew I had to take it further.
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