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Pushing Dead 
111 minutes
Director: Tom E. Brown
Year: 2016
Country: USA

Thu 12:40 pm RUSH , Sat 10:10 am , Sun 9:40 pm , Mon 09:30 am

Oregon Premiere

When Dan (James Roday, Psyched)óHIV-positive for over 20 yearsó accidentally deposits a $100 birthday check from his mother, he is dropped from his health plan for earning too much money. In todayís era of ďsort-of Ē universal healthcare, can he take on a helpless bureaucracy or come up with the $3,000 a month he needs to pay for his meds himself? A great cast including Danny Glover, Robin Weigert, Khandi Alexander, and the city of San Francisco itself adds to this romantic comedy about what itís really like to live with HIV. 

Directorís Statement: Tom E. Brown 

Iíve been HIV-positive for most of my life, so many people assume this story is about me. Although itís not autobiographical, I do have the inside scoop, and itís hard to resist tossing in some of those personal HIV experiences. But Pushing Dead is much more than an AIDS flick. Itís a picture about how we cope with the bad stuff, our need for support systems, and the hunt for a mate. When I was watching those AIDS films with characters dying, what I really wanted to see was a movie about real, funny people living and dealing with big problemsómy wife left me, I have AIDS, Iím in love with a stuffed animalóso thatís what I wrote. 

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