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34 x 25 x 36 
7 minutes
Director: Jesse Erica Epstein
Year: 2008
Country: U.S.A.

Thu 9:40 pm RUSH , Fri 12:40 pm RUSH , Sun 9:40 pm RUSH A documentary about mannequins, perfection, and religion that takes place outside Los Angeles, in the City of Industry. Here sculptors at the Patina V mannequin factory create the "perfect" female body, every proportion adhering to strict standards no real woman could attain. Comparing the mass-produced sculptures to religious icons, mannequin designer George Martin wonders whether there is a connection between our culture's worship of the ideal body and the worship of holy figures. [adult content]

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84 minutes
Director: Declan Recks
Year: 2008
Country: Ireland An Irish couple grows distant, in this beautiful and moody film. This adaptation of Eugene O'Brien's play explores the slow, delicate dissection of a marriage in peril. In a small provincial town, Billy and Breda are approaching their 10th wedding anniversary. With two young children, their married life has disintegrated into a stale monotony, and the distance between them grows wider by the day.

Billy clings to booze, fantasies, and his past glory as a local hero who rescued a child from drowning in a river. Breda holds onto an inkling of optimism for the future, believing their anniversary will offer the perfect chance to fix their problems. As the big day approaches, the raw reality of their different needs and desires is slowly uncovered in this bittersweet film. Eden, like marriage itself, reveals how sometimes the little things matter most. [adult content, language]

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