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The English Surgeon 
93 minutes
Director: Geoffrey Smith
Year: 2007
Country: United Kingdom, Ukraine

Thu 9:30 pm RUSH , Fri 10:00 AM RUSH , Sat 3:30 pm RUSH , Sun 12:30 pm RUSH , Mon 6:30 pm RUSH This powerful film follows Henry Marsh, one of London's foremost brain surgeons, as he openly confronts the dilemmas of the doctorpatient relationship on his latest humanitarian mission to the Ukraine. Driven by the need to help others, he has been going to Kiev for 15+ years to improve their medieval brain surgery methods. Patients see him as the great saviour from the West, desperate parents want him to save their child, and his Ukrainian colleague Igor Kurilets sees him as a guru and a benefactor.

For all the direct satisfaction he recieves, Henry also sees grossly misdiagnosed patients, children whom he can't save, and a lack of equipment and trained supporting staff. It is this dilemma of his troubled and compassionate humanity, that leads to the universal theme at the centre of the film: the struggle to do good things in a selfish and flawed world. Includes graphic scene of brain surgery. [subtitles, violence]

Plays with:

20 minutes
Director: Dean Israelite
Year: 2008
Country: Germany, U.S.A.

When a food delivery into a war-torn village in Northern Uganda goes horribly wrong, the leader of a small U.N. contingent is faced with a terrible decision: play by the rules and watch children die, or risk the lives of an entire refugee camp in order to save them. [adult content, language, subtitles]

2009 AIFF Juried Best Short Film Winner
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