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The Betrayal (Neraknoon) 
96 minutes
Director: Ellen Kuras and Thavisouk Phrasavath
Year: 2008
Country: U.S.A., Laos

Fri 12:00 pm RUSH , Sat 9:30 AM RUSH , Mon 9:30 AM RUSH Thavisouk Phrasavath's story of his family's epic journey from war-torn Laos to the streets of New York is filmed over the course of 23 years. The film movingly chronicles the family's struggle to reckon with that which was left behind while forging a new life in a foreign land, and the quest to regain a sense of peace and harmony in a world marked by borders and chaos.

This lyrical film fluidly incorporates archival footage, cinema verité, interview material and visually poetic montages. The result is a story of what it means to be banished, the farreaching consequences of war, and the resilient bonds of family. Thavisouk's unforgettable journey reminds us of the strength necessary to survive unthinkable conditions, and of the human spirit's inspiring capacity to adapt, rebuild, and forgive. Nominated for a 2009 Acadamy Award for Best Feature-length Documentary. [language, subtitles]

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Trece Años (Thirteen Years) 
8 minutes
Director: Topaz Adizes
Year: 2008
Country: U.S.A., Cuba

A young man returns home to surprise his family in Cuba for the first time in thirteen years. At the dinner table his first night, there is a greater divide to close than just time or distance, and his life in New York quickly moves from the topic of conversation to the topic of argument. [subtitles]

2009 AIFF Special Jury Mention: Short Film
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