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Marrakech Inshallah 
90 minutes
Director: Steffen Pierce and Christian Pierce
Year: 2007
Country: U.S.A, Morocco

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Loosely translated, the title means "Marrakech, God Willing". This documentary-style film follows Hammadi and his young brother, Aziz, as they set out in search of a life that offers more than the slow and repetitive rhythms of their rural village in Morocco's Atlas Mountains. Hammadi leaves first and eventually, Aziz canít resist and follows his brother to the city of Marrakech.

By the time Aziz finally finds Hammadi, he is distant and distracted. Aziz is entranced by the television screens, offering a vision of the bright life he longs to find in Marrakech. But all the brothers encounter is the endless drone of the city with its congested traffic, snake charmers and thieves. The fate of the brothers is in question as we are drawn into the poverty, the magic and the struggles as their lives are torn between the traditions of the past and encroaching Western consumer values. [subtitles, violence]

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