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Tongzhi in Love 
30 minutes
Director: Ruby Yang
Year: 2008
Country: U.S.A., China

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Three young men navigate the dilemmas of being gay (tongzhi) in modern China- torn between the lure of big city life and the stern demands of Chinese tradition. They live in cosmopolitan Beijing, reveling in the freedom that it affords them. But traditionally, a Chinese son's solemn duty is to produce a child and carry forward the family line. That China's laws limit most families to a single child only compounds the pressures on gay men, many of whom resort to sham marriages. Does their happiness come at the expense of their mothers and fathers? Can they be gay, and still be good sons? Director Ruby Yang and producer Thomas Lennon won a 2006 Academy Award for Best Short Documentary with The Blood of Yingzhou District (2007 AIFF). [adult content, subtitles]

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4 minutes
Director: Rashaad Ernesto Green
Year: 2009
Country: U.S.A. Choices explores a young man's thought process as he makes love to his girlfriend, and how a person's upbringing can affect him or her in many ways. [adult content]

40 minutes
Director: Val Lauren
Year: 2008
Country: U.S.A.

One night Roman embarks on a mission to save his dying mother's life. The film dramatizes the downward emotional and psychological spiral of a man's desperation as he tries to obtain the help he needs. Starring Val Lauren (who also wrote, directed and produced the film) and Adam Beach (Luna: Spirit of the Whale, 2008 AIFF) in this beautiful story about life, death and the choices we make. [adult content, language]
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