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We Were One 
10 minutes
Director: Scott Cervine
Year: 2008
Country: U.S.A.

Thu 3:30 pm RUSH , Fri 6:30 pm RUSH , Sat 12:30 pm RUSH , Sun 10:00 AM RUSH , Mon 9:30 pm RUSH

Heartfelt and conflicted, Franklin is an everyman trying to connect to the human experience. With a playfully selfconscious sense of doom, he is quick to analyze how he got to the precipice of middle age and wrestles with his urges to hurl all his fears over the edge.

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The Greening of Southie 
85 minutes
Director: Ian Cheney
Year: 2008
Country: U.S.A.

What happens when you try to build the city of tomorrow…today. On the storied streets of South Boston, a new kind of building is rising up- and it's green! The Macallen Building, a $75 million luxury condominium tower, is a model of energy efficiency, made from recycled steel, sustainable
hardwoods, and wheat board cabinetry. The documentary centers around the experience of a handful of characters- a skeptical construction worker, a nervous foreman, the young
developer, and an eager tenant.

How will Boston's rough-and-tumble construction workers take to being labeled "environmentalists"? Who will pay $1 million for a condo made from junk cars and straw bales? Will the building earn a Gold LEED (Leadership in Energy Efficient Design) certified rating? Funny and poignant, the latest film from the producing team and stars of King Corn, follows the triumphs and hardships of the salty construction team that sets out to build the first residential green building in Boston…and more or less succeeds.
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