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Prodigal Sons 
86 minutes
Director: Kim
Year: 2008
Country: U.S.A

Thu 3:20 pm RUSH , Sun 3:20 pm RUSH , Mon 6:20 pm RUSH

Prodigal Sons follows three siblings - a transgender woman, a gay man, and their adopted brother - back to their Montana hometown. As each struggles to reconcile a new identity with a complex past, the powerful and poignant story of their entire family's transformation unfolds. The eldest brother's life has been given meaning by the search for his birth parents and the corrosive rivalry with his younger brother, who was once a straight-A student and captain of the football team and is now a woman living in New York City.

Determined to resolve their bitter past, the two return home for a high school reunion. In the end, they reach their own version of a truce and learn whether they're limited by what they're born with, or whether they can be reborn. [adult content,
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