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The Solitary Life of Cranes 
27 minutes
Director: Eva Weber
Year: 2008
Country: United Kingdom

Thu 3:00 pm RUSH , Fri 9:00 pm RUSH , Mon 12:00 pm RUSH

Part city symphony part stunning visual poem, the invisible life of a city, its patterns and hidden secrets, is seen through the eyes of crane drivers working high above its streets. Within the loose structure of a day, starting with the drivers climbing up at dawn and ending with them coming down after a nightshift, the film observes the city as it awakens with a bustle of activity, through the lull of midday and the manic rush in the evening, until it calms down again deep into the night. Throughout the film, the drivers share their thoughts and reflections on London and life in general. What emerges is a lyrical exploration of how our existence is shaped through the environment we inhabit, both for the drivers high up in the sky and the people on the ground they are watching.

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Born Sweet 
28 minutes
Director: Cynthia Wade
Year: 2010
Country: USA/Cambodia

Juried: Best Short Documentary

Fifteen-year-old Vinh dreams of being a karaoke star but has accepted his fate. He is ill with incurable arsenic poisoning and spends his days in his remote Cambodian village tending the cows and escaping into song with his family's car battery-powered karaoke machine. A chance to be in a karaoke video about the dangers of arsenic allows Vinh to wonder if he truly knows his destiny. [subtitles]

28 minutes
Director: Michael Angus, Murray Fredericks
Year: 2008
Country: Australia

Award winning and internationally renowned photographer, Murray Fredericks, chronicles his annual solo pilgrimage to the heart of Lake Eyre in the remote north corner of South Australia. Combining the breathtaking imagery of this surreal landscape with hauntingly delicate sounds, it is a personal journey of an artist, and an exploration of the creative process and the landscape itself. Alone on the most featureless landscape on earth, Fredericks' personal video diary captures the beauty of this bleak, empty and desolate environment- and provides the catalyst for an unexpected personal transformation. Told with subtlety, care and gentle dry humor, this is the story of what emanates from emptiness.
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