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Animal Control 
17 minutes
Director: Kire Paputts
Year: 2010
Country: Canada

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Larry works for Animal Services. His job is picking up road kill along the highway; his hobby is taxidermy. Socially isolated, his home is his sanctuary and his only companions are the animals he has stuffed. One night at work, Larry spots a dog, seemingly dead, just off the shoulder of the road. Lacking a dog in his menagerie, he is about to complete his collection when he makes a discovery that changes both of their lives. [violence]

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Prairie Love  
80 minutes
Director: Dusty Bias
Year: 2009
Country: USA

Prairie Love trailer from Dusty Bias on Vimeo.

In this wonderfully bizarre story, three lonely people search for love on the frozen plains of North Dakota. A mysterious vagrant driving the deserted roads, fills his cars with souvenirs from the abandoned homes he’s pillaged, taking what he needs to survive. When he stops to help a nearly frozen local man, we see his eagerness to connect with another human. When the vagrant learns that the local is on his way to meet his incarcerated pen pal girlfriend for the first time things start to get complicated.  In all three of the characters there is a sense of wonder at the possibilities in store as they thirst for affection. But, blinded by his desire for love, the vagrant takes matters into his own hands—forever changing the destinies of all three people in this off-beat black comedy. [adult content]

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