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Heaven Strewn 
76 minutes
Director: Jeremiah Gurzi
Year: 2010
Country: USA

Fri 3:30 pm RUSH , Sat 12:30 pm RUSH , Sun 6:30 pm RUSH , Mon 3:30 pm RUSH

Mickey and Jasper are best friends who were forced to substitute the strength of their friendship for a lack of family in their youth. They each navigated the counterculture, although now Jasper attempts to conform to the rules of society while Mickey still insists on living on the fringe. Looking to recover his losses from a botched counterfeiting transaction, Mickey has hatched an oddball scheme. Meanwhile, Jasper is preoccupied with his pregnant girlfriend and his job which is in peril. Mickey persuades Jasper to take a break and head to the desert under the ruse of searching for meteorites and the money rare moon rocks are fetching. On the road trip the pair stumbles onto a major find. The unexpected discovery thrusts each into immediate danger and threatens to radically transform the fabric of their comic and already strained friendship. [adult content, language]

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17 minutes
Director: Neil Forbes
Year: 2010
Country: USA

Blending images from a variety of mediums, and using actual footage shot in Iraq by American soldiers over the past decade, this is the story of an Iraq war veteran coming to grips with his violent identity while hitchhiking through the desert. A vivid portrait of the new breed of American vets is painted, with a unique perspective on the generational differences between veterans. As the hitchhiker’s journey begins to unfold, we learn that the three characters in the film are all varying shades of the same person. They are men charged with the same violent task, and now left with similar emotional burdens. Culminating with a chance meeting at a roadside diner, the myth of war is explored through the eyes of its most recent recruit. [language]
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