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Letters From the Big Man 
115 minutes
Director: Christopher Munch
Year: 2011
Country: USA
Fri 12:00 pm , Sat 6:00 pm RUSH

Following a painful breakup, Sarah, an artist and government hydrologist, embarks on a post-Biscuit Fire stream survey for the Forest Service in Southern Oregon. Kayaking down a wild and scenic river leads her to a remote wilderness surrounded by scorched landscapes. It is in this ancient and ecologically diverse land that she first senses being followed by a presence that will not reveal itself.

Visitation from the “big man” continues, more overtly, at a cabin to which Sarah retreats to write up her fieldwork, as she unwittingly finds herself interacting with a sasquatch, and a mutual curiosity ensues. A budding romance with a wilderness advocate leads to surprising revelations about the government— and conflicting agendas that culminate in Sarah leaving civilization behind completely in order to be close to, and observe, “the sasquatch people.” This bittersweet story highlights the natural beauty of the Southern Oregon wilderness and also the inner beauty of those who aim to keep it wild.

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