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Light of Mine 
82 minutes
Director: Brett Eichenberger
Year: 2011
Country: USA

Thu 3:10 pm RUSH , Fri 6:10 pm RUSH , Sat 12:10 pm RUSH , Sun 12:10 pm RUSH , Mon 3:10 pm RUSH

Light of Mine Teaser from Brett Eichenberger on Vimeo.

A young, aspiring Portland photographer, Owen, has been diagnosed with an eye disease that has left him without sight in one eye and will soon leave him blind in both. Uncertain of how long his vision will last, his wife, Laura, proposes to fulfill his lifelong dream to visit Yellowstone National Park. When they stop to visit Owen’s childhood friend, Eddie, an Iraq veteran who has recently returned from combat, Eddie relates to Owen’s fear of the unknown and imparts advice to assist with Owen’s challenge. The switch from the comforts of home to the unexpectedness of the road takes Owen and Laura on a personal metamorphosis as they transition to profoundly changed lives. Determined to take photos of the park while coming to terms with his loss of sight, Owen discovers that he has a choice to see what he wants to see. The journey presents obstacles that test—and build—their perseverance, love and trust in each other.

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Big Birding Day 
13 minutes
Director: David Wilson
Year: 2010
Country: USA

Marty and Chris, best friends since childhood, travel to Mexico to break the world record for bird identification in 24 hours. These sweet and endearing men bring refreshing meaning to the term "male bonding." A look into the world of competitive bird watching, with remarkable wildlife cinematography, this sensitive portrait is more about enduring friendship than any world record.
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