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6 minutes
Director: Nick McKernan
Country: Ashland
Sun 9:30 am RUSH

The story of a young man coping with the abrupt loss of a loved one, as told by a returning Launch filmmaker.

Plays with:

A Mission Of Extreme Importance 
4 minutes
Director: Alex Williams
Country: Medford

A man encounters numerous obstacles as he rushes home to complete a mysterious and most important mission.

Composition LV426 
13 minutes
Director: Devin Mclaughlin
Country: Ashland

In this abstract montage, beautiful images of our urban environment leave us to make our own interpretations in this experimental film.

River of Beauty  
9 minutes
Director: Rory Finney
Country: Gold Hill

In this free-form meditation, stunning images of nature are poetically narrated. Photographed near Tilomikh Falls and the sacred Story Chair.

Simon Grady 
5 minutes
Director: Jotham Porzio
Country: Ashland

In this animation, a bored teddy bear invites his neighbor over for a nice game of Scrabble®... or is it?

Snot the Unemployed Jester  
5 minutes
Director: Laney D'Aquino
Country: Ashland

A court jester doesn't let unemployment stop him from enjoying himself—colorfully illustrated by a veteran AIFF filmmaker.

The Keys 
2 minutes
Director: Kyra Smith
Country: Ashland

A daughter helps her dad find his car keys—with a little help from friends.

Walk to Fight ALS 
3 minutes
Director: Eli Turner
Country: Ashland

This film documents family and friends walking to raise awareness for ALS - Lou Gehrig’s Disease.
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17th Annual AIFF
April 12-16, 2018

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