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Silver Tongues 
84 minutes
Director: Simon Arthur
Year: 2010
Country: USA

Thu 9:10 pm RUSH , Fri 9:10 pm RUSH , Sat 9:40 am RUSH , Sun 3:10 pm RUSH , Mon 6:10 pm RUSH

Every day when you walk out of your house you’re putting on an identity for the world. We transform ourselves to engage with the people in our lives. But what happens when the need to change becomes pathological? A middle-aged couple uses their talent for performance as part of a dark game. Driving from town to town, they don different personas to deceive and destroy the lives of the people in their path. No one is safe from their masochistic ploys—a young couple on their honeymoon, parishioners and their pastor during a church service, residents at a retirement home—all are fair game.  But each manipulation begins to take its toll. Soon the performances spiral out of control, and the game itself threatens their very relationship. As the twists and turns mount, we are left questioning who is the actor and who is the audience. [adult content, language, violence]

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