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Strangers No More 
40 minutes
Director: Karen Goodman, Kirk Simon
Year: 2010
Country: USA

Thu 9:00 pm , Fri 3:00 pm RUSH , Sun 9:00 pm

In the heart of Tel Aviv, there is an exceptional school where children from 48 different countries and diverse backgrounds come together to learn. Many of the students arrive at Bialik-Rogozin School fleeing poverty, political adversity and even genocide. Mohammed escaped Darfur alone through Egypt to Israel. Johannes arrived after spending most of his life in refugee camps across the Middle East. Esther and her father fled South Africa with nothing, in search of safety and peace of mind. Here, no child is a stranger. With tremendous effort and dedication, the school provides the support these children need as they struggle to acclimate to life in a new land while slowly opening up to share their stories of hardship and tragedy. Together, the bond between teacher and student and between the students themselves, enables them to create new lives in this exceptional community. Academy Award winning Best Documentary: Short Subject. [subtitles, violence]

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Poster Girl 
38 minutes
Director: Sara Nesson
Year: 2010
Country: USA

In this intimate film we follow Robynn Murray as she embarks on a journey of self discovery and redemption, using art and poetry to redefine her life. In 2003, Robynn enlisted in the Army in a unit focused on rebuilding Iraq but on her first day in-country she was re-assigned to machine gunner. Promoted to sergeant, Robynn was featured on the cover of ARMY Magazine as a "poster girl" for women serving in first-time combat roles. After her tour ended, Robynn became haunted by her actions in Iraq. Her tough-as-nails exterior cracked, creating a tailspin of anxiety, nightmares and panic attacks. As Robynn began the task of rebuilding her life as a civilian, she joined the "Combat Paper Workshop," and deconstructed her military experience into something creative -  literally saving her life. In this inspirational story demons must be faced in order to move forward, she must face the demons of her past head-on. Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary: Short Subject. [violence]
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