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10 minutes
Director: Nadav Kurtz
Year: 2012
Country: USA

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Three Mexican immigrants risk their lives every day rappelling down the skyscrapers of Chicago washing windows. We are privileged to observe the intimacy and connection of their conversations, revealing thoughts about working, mortality and of the people they observe inside the high-rises they clean in this lyrical film. [subtitles]

Plays with:

The Waiting Room 
79 minutes
Director: Peter Nicks
Year: 2012
Country: USA

The Waiting Room Theatrical Trailer from The Waiting Room on Vimeo.

This urgent, intimate film follows several patients seeking emergency treatment, and the medical staff members charged with their care. Shot in a direct, personal cinema verité style at Highland Hospital in East Oakland, California, the film examines a public institution struggling to provide help and comfort for a persistent and growing stream of largely uninsured patients living on the fringes of America's health care system.

A poignant blend of humor and drama, the film records its subjects without judgment or comment. The patients’ suffering and concern are powerfully portrayed through unobtrusive camera work and character voice-overs. The disparity between needs and resources quickly becomes evident, as dedicated caregivers must make tough choices based on available time, space and medical priority. While the film is a sobering look at a health care landscape marked by economic and political dysfunction, its humor and humanity provide an undercurrent of hope. [language]


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