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The D Train 
5 minutes
Director: Jay Rosenblatt
Year: 2011
Country: USA

Thu 3:30pm RUSH , Fri 12:30pm RUSH , Sat 6:30pm RUSH , Sun 10:00am RUSH , Mon 10:00am RUSH

An old man reflects on his entire life and how quickly it all goes by. Composed of found footage from archival, black and white films.

Plays with:

80 minutes
Director: Bill Ross, Turner Ross
Year: 2011
Country: USA

Last week in New Orleans from rossbros on Vimeo.

This sensual, impressionistic documentary follows young William, two older brothers, and their dog Buttercup on a journey of discovery to a forbidden land – New Orleans’ Vieux Carré. Sometimes surreal, sometimes observational, the film evokes a world of exotic dancers, street preachers, fire-eaters, musicians, drag queens, and revelers of every stripe. Without interviews or narration, the film conjures a rich, atmospheric tapestry of America’s most unique city and the people who make it so.

As they grow from innocence to experience, the three brothers provide a diverse, running commentary on themes as hysterical as they are philosophical. (“Do women have Adam’s apples?”). Viewers who enjoy Quest Myth motifs will appreciate the flights from chaos, river crossings, and nightmarish descents to the underworld. Taking its title from a local street name, this uniquely refreshing film reveals certain truths and beauties of New Orleans that the recent deluge of Katrina documentaries totally misses. [adult content]



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