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The Highest Pass 
90 minutes
Director: Jon Fitzgerald
Year: 2011
Country: USA, India

Thu 9:00pm , Mon 3:20pm RUSH

Led by the 27 year old charismatic yogi Anand Mehrotra, writer Adam Schomer and six fellow seekers undertake an extraordinary spiritual journey along the world’s highest and most dangerous road. Beginning in Rishikesh, India, the birthplace of yoga, their 21-day trip climbs to 18,000 feet and the ancient Himalayan city of Leh, an outpost on the trading route linking India, China and Tibet. Astride an improbable fleet of Royal Enfield motorcycles, the travellers confront harrowing traffic, disabling altitude sickness and impassable roads – as well as their own personal doubts and fears.

This spiritual journey is also a stunningly beautiful travelogue filled with sublime peaks, surreal skies, wind-tattered prayer flags, venerable shrines and temples, and a dizzying onslaught of heedless, carnival-colored lorries. In a land where “time,” “death” and “illusion” all translate as the same word, the seekers discover how to transmute their fears into love. Viewers may discover a little of themselves, as well.    


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