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Valley of Saints 
82 minutes
Director: Musa Syeed
Year: 2012
Country: USA, India

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Valley of Saints : Teaser Trailer from People's Television on Vimeo.

Shot in Kashmir, an Indian state often in the throes of rebellion, this is a lyrical, vibrant film about a poor, young boatman, Gulzar, and his best friend, who plan to escape the perils of their city.  Thwarted by a week-long curfew, they take on the job of guiding a beautiful environmentalist, Asifa, as she goes about her research on the pollution of the once beautiful and thriving Dal Lake.  As the week goes on, Gulzar learns about the environmental threats to his beloved surroundings and develops an unlikely relationship with Asifa. With the curfew ending, he is torn between fleeing to a new life or rebuilding his homeland with a new love.

Stunning cinematography captures the wonder of this region.  Offering a rare look into Kashmir’s contemporary concerns in counterpoint to its traditions and myths, it is a film about the value of home in a changing world. [subtitles]

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8 minutes
Director: Bari Pearlman
Year: 2011
Country: USA

WATER - Trailer

In a land where water-gathering is a woman’s job, a Tibetan farmwoman patiently, gracefully and painstakingly collects water, 80 pounds at a time, on her family's yak farm. We are witness to this timeless ritual, repeated throughout the day every day—offering a meditation on survival, culture, opportunities and privilege.

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