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The World According to Dick Cheney 
90 minutes
Director: R.J. Cutler & Greg Finton
Year: 2013
Country: USA
Fri 3:00 PM , Sat 9:30 AM RUSH

Aphilosophical and psychological examination of former Vice President Dick Cheney — arguably the most powerful non-presidential figure America has ever known. Featuring hours of exclusive interviews with Cheney and those closest to him, The World According to Dick Cheney charts his journey from a jail house in small-town Wyoming to the inner sanctums of the White House. His career spanned four decades, culminating with eight years as the most formidable, most controversial, and in his own words, “most consequential” vice president ever. The film illuminates the driving philosophy and complex psychology of a man who has dedicated his life to protecting and enhancing the power of the president. It also tells the story of a patriot from the rugged West, a man loathed by his detractors and revered by his supporters — a man who loves nothing more than his family, his fly-fishing, and his country.
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