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12 minutes
Director: Andrew F. Renzi
Year: 2012
Country: USA

Thu 6:10 PM RUSH , Fri 9:40 AM RUSH , Sat 9:10 PM RUSH , Sun 9:10 PM RUSH , Mon 6:10 PM RUSH

KARAOKE! Teaser from ActZero Films on Vimeo.

On a fun night out with his friends at a karaoke bar in New York City, Chris hides from his problems. As the night goes on, we realize that Chris has been getting, and ignoring, multiple phone calls. The next day, his girlfriend decides to answer his phone, and he is no longer able to avoid the situation he must confront.

Plays with:

Between Us 
90 minutes
Director: Dan Mirvish
Year: 2012
Country: USA

Between Us - teaser from dmirvish on Vimeo.

Two couples reunite over the course of two explosive evenings when anything can happen. Grace (Julia Stiles) and Carlo (Taye Diggs) join Sharyl and Joel in their huge, upscale Midwestern home, where we learn that the men are old friends who went to art school together. Their lives have gone in different directions since then: Joel went into advertising, while Carlo became a rising star in the New York City art world. One couple is on the verge of crumbling, the other, happily newlywed. Flash forward two years and the couples meet again, this time in Grace and Carlo’s claustrophobic NYC apartment, where the tables have turned. Sharyl and Joel have come back from the brink of splitting up, while Grace and Carlo’s fortunes have changed in more ways than one. Between Us bravely contemplates the unpredictable emotions that simmer beneath the surface of relationships. [mature]
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