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My Name is Your First Love 
14 minutes
Director: Rob Richert
Year: 2012
Country: USA

Thu 6:30 PM RUSH , Fri 9:30 PM RUSH , Sat 3:30 PM RUSH , Sun 10:00 AM RUSH , Mon 3:30 PM RUSH

My Name Is Your First Love - Trailer from rob richert on Vimeo.

During the summer of 1985, Christian, a listless thirteen-year-old boy living in suburbia, is employed as a gardener by Geena, his beguiling twenty-something neighbor. He suddenly discovers a purpose for life: caring for Geena’s garden. When Geena recognizes his level of devotion, a moment of reckoning transforms them in ways neither could have anticipated.

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Sparrows Dance 
81 minutes
Director: Noah Buschel
Year: 2012
Country: USA

A young woman, struggling with agoraphobia, hasn’t left her New York City apartment or even seen anyone in more than a year. The woman (Marin Ireland), whose name we never learn, is crippled by tasks as simple as ordering Chinese take-out — she claims to be on the phone or fresh from the shower and slides the money under the door. When her toilet overflows and she is faced with a flooded apartment, she has to call the plumber and let him into her refuge. The plumber, Wes (Paul Sparks), is funny and compassionate. Remarkably, yet inevitably, they fall in love. But do they ever leave her apartment?
Sparrows Dance is a delicate mixture of quirks, romance, and drama, utilizing the physical space of a one-bedroom apartment to create an intricate world of solitude that extends far beyond its visible limits.
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