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From Nothing, Something: A Documentary on the Creative Process 
79 minutes
Director: Tim Cawley
Year: 2012
Country: USA

Fri 3:20 PM RUSH , Sat 9:20 PM RUSH , Sun 9:50 AM RUSH

Everyone has ideas. But what where do they come from? And what ensures they keep coming? How do you sort the genius ideas from the useless ones? Why invest all this hope and energy into making things in the first place?

From Nothing, Something: A Documentary on the Creative Process profiles creative thinkers across a variety of disciplines and finds common methods, beliefs, and neuroses that lead to breakthrough ideas. A thoughtful, intimate, often funny look at the creative process, straight from the brains of some of our culture’s most accomplished and inspiring talents.

Featuring interviews with: singer-songwriter Sara Quin of Tegan & Sara; novelist Tom Perrotta; cancer researchers Moungi Bawendi and W. David Lee; Hollywood creature designer Neville Page; chefs Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger; comedian Maria Bamford; and many more.

Plays with:

Perfect Fit 
10 minutes
Director: Tali Yankelevich
Year: 2011
Country: United Kingdom

Ballet shoes may be worn by delicate girls, but they’re crafted by burly men whose hands tell another story. A portrait of a perfectionist shoemaker who pounds his soul out making each pair of toe shoes, juxtaposed with a dancer who recalls the early years of her career. The world of professional dance as seen through the eyes of a cobbler whose artistry and dedication matches that of a prima ballerina.
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