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The Moo Man 
98 minutes
Director: Andy Heathcote & Heike Bachelier
Year: 2012
Country: United Kingdom

Thu 3:00 PM RUSH , Fri 12:00 PM RUSH , Sun 9:00 PM

This is the remarkable story of a maverick farmer and his unruly cows, filmed over four years on the marshes of the Pevensey Levels in Sussex, England. Stephen Hook is a dairy farmer producing raw milk. In an attempt to save his family farm, Stephen decides to turn his back on the cost-cutting dairies and supermarkets. Instead he wants to stay small, provide exceptional product to his customers, and keep his close relationship with Ida, Kate, and his fifty-three other cows. However, Farmer Hook’s plans to save the farm are not always agreeable with his spirited cows. The result is a laugh-out-loud, emotional roller-coaster account of their journey and a heartwarming tale about the incredible bonds between man, animal, and countryside.
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