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Buffalo Dreams 
Short Documentary
16 minutes
Director: Maurice O'Brien
Year: 2013
Country: Scotland, United Kingdom
Fri 10:00 am RUSH , Sat 6:30 pm RUSH , Sun 9:30 pm RUSH , Mon 10:00 am RUSH

Bridging the Gap: Persistence | Buffalo Dreams - Trailer from Scottish Documentary Institute on Vimeo.

In America, buffalo are a powerful symbol of American culture, once again roaming the plains and our imaginations. They made a lifelong impression on Scott Shand, Scotlandís only commercial bison farmer. In Buffalo Dreams, we see Scott confront the harsh realities of establishing and expanding his enterprise in the sometimes unforgiving, yet beautifully striking Aberdeen landscape. Against great odds, with the future of the herd in question, can his crazy dream survive?

Plays with:

A Man's Place 
Short Documentary
10 minutes
Director: Russ Spencer
Year: 2013
Country: USA

World Premiere

Gilbert must come to terms with the resentment and anger he feels toward his emotionally distant father, with whom heís worked side by side in the family barbershop for 12 years. Things are often so bad that he physically has to leave the shop, and considers quitting altogether. He sets out on a long and difficult journey of compassion and reconciliation, recognizing his father as a vulnerable person, and rising above old wounds to find forgiveness and love.

Sometimes I Dream I'm Flying 
51 minutes
Director: Aneta Popiel-Machnicka
Year: 2013
Country: Poland


Sometimes I Dream Iím Flying quietly observes the commitment and passion, but also the loneliness and pain of an outstanding young Polish ballerina. As a student living away from home at the Warsaw Ballet School, and then as a young professional with a brilliant international career in front of her, Weronika works tirelessly to perfect her craft. We catch fleeting glimpses of her disappointment or exhaustion through a taxicab window or in a brief phone call to her mother, but they are momentary setbacks and remain in the background. Her dedication is absolute. When she suffers an injury requiring surgery just two days before her debut at the Berlin Opera, she brushes aside what would be an unbearable blow to anyone else, and puts her body ó and her life ó in motion again. [subtitles]
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