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87 minutes
Director: Mark Grieco
Year: 2014
Country: USA, Colombia

Sat 10:10 am , Sun 12:40 pm RUSH , Mon 9:40 pm

Colombia is at the center of a new global gold rush, and the small mountain-top town of Marmato is the new frontier. Mined for over 500 years with only lamps and hand-held tools, Marmato’s mountain of gold is both a blessing and a curse. A multinational Canadian corporation plans an open-pit mining project that will extract $20 billion dollars in gold, but will also inevitably displace Marmato’s 8,000 inhabitants and destroy their homes. A traditional community stands at the edge of change and potential prosperity, but since it will require the actual leveling of its mountain of gold, is that a price worth paying? Filmed over 5 1/2 years, Marmato superimposes a canvas of magical realism over the specter of corporate globalization as it chronicles the townspeople’s struggle to confront the mining company and protect their culture. [subtitles]
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