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Tiger Boy 
Short Film
20 minutes
Director: Gabriele Mainetti
Year: 2012
Country: Italy

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Matteo is a nine-year-old boy obsessed with Il Tigre, a local wrestler from his suburb of Rome. He fashions a mask just like his heroís and refuses to take it off. He wears it to sleep, when he bathes, and even at school. What seems like a childish tantrum is really a cry for help that the adults in his life donít seem to hear. Watching his champion in action inspires him to take action on his own.

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Of Kites and Borders 
59 minutes
Director: Yolanda Pividal
Year: 2013
Country: Mexico, Spain, USA

Of kites and Borders (De cometas y fronteras). TRAILER from ypividal on Vimeo.

Of Kites and Borders tells the story of the daily struggle to live on the USĖMexico border through the eyes of four children in Tijuana. Edie is a teenager who smuggles migrants into the US and then spends his hard earned dollars on cockfighting, the only passion that helps him escape his bitter reality. Carmela, a nine-year-old girl who scavenges scrap metal in city dumps, fantasizes of a better life while watching the kites that fly above the towering assembly plants (maquilas) that crown her slum. At busy intersections, Fernando and his brother AdriŠn support their family by performing masked wrestling matches, just like the famous Mexican luchadores they dream of becoming. A story of hope and survival that goes beyond the headlines to explore the fundamental nature of immigration and the persistence of childhood dreams. [subtitles]
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