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Is This The Real World 
90 minutes
Director: Martin McKenna
Year: 2014
Country: Australia

Thu 6:40 PM , Sun 9:40 PM , Mon 9:40 PM

Seventeen-year-old Mark is a smart kid from a chaotic family living in the coastal town of Victoria, Australia. He has just thrown away a scholarship to a private school and finds himself at the local public high school, where he butts heads with an overbearing principal and bullying students. At home, Mark is dealing with a jail-bound brother, a sickly grandmother, and an alcoholic mother. When Mark finds his first real love, the relationship is an opportunity to escape all the competing forces in his life. But escape only brings the adult world of authority crashing down on him. The film explores family relationships, teen love, rebellion, and what happens when a young man isnít quite ready to grow up.
Directorís Statement: Martin McKenna
This is the story of a journey from childhood to the adult realm, and the intriguing tension of authorityís role in gaining independence. It is a narrative that everyone has some emotional connection to. Even the eternal teenagers amongst us have wrestled with the question of how to leave the summer days of childhood and enter the world of adults. This film unfolds gradually. It has a careful and deliberate pace that allows an audience to sit with moments while all the time building to a cathartic climax. It is an intelligent and emotional story that rewards an audience open to it.
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