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My Own Personal Moose 
16 minutes
Director: Leonid Shmelkov
Year: 2014
Country: Russia
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Misha is a little boy who dreams of meeting a moose — a real flesh-and- blood moose. His obsession keeps him entertained while spending weekends with his dad. Years go by, and Misha’s dream is never once fulfilled. He gives up hope, but then, all of a sudden, an unexpected encounter occurs. Whether this is a stroke of good or bad luck will be food for thought for a long time to come. [subtitles]
Director’s Statement: Leonid Shmelkov
This film came to my mind mostly in images, without any concrete words. In total, it is a film about love, about relations between the boy and his father, about the problems of communication between people. And actually less about the moose. This story is somehow connected to my own life, but not directly.

Plays with:

Best Sound 
Short Documentary
6 minutes
Director: Josh Polon
Year: 2014
Country: USA

Trent and Chris go on a sonic journey on a Friday night in the middle of a kitchen. [mature]
Director’s Statement: Josh Polon
My washing machine inspired me to showcase two of my best friends: one whose art I love, the other whose soul I love.

Pink Grapefruit 
11 minutes
Director: Michael Mohan
Year: 2015
Country: USA

A young married couple brings two of their single friends out to Palm Springs for a long weekend. It does not go as planned. [mature]

Director’s Statement: Michael Mohan
As we often measure the happiness of our own relationships by comparing them to others, it felt natural for this story to contain outward themes of voyeurism. So rather than drawing from the aesthetics of traditional relationship films, I wanted to explore cinematic tropes from horror movies to really capture the sense of dread we feel when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

Pop-Up Porno: f4m 
Short Documentary
4 minutes
Director: Stephen Dunn
Year: 2014
Country: Canada

Animated pop-up illustrations bring to life the bittersweet tale of a breast cancer survivor who tries to reclaim her sexuality. [mature]
Director’s Statement: Stephen Dunn
My intention was to bare all and tell embarrassing, hopeful — or sometimes ultimately hopeless — stories that I’ve encountered in my own experiences of online dating.

Pop-Up Porno: m4m 
Short Documentary
3 minutes
Director: Stephen Dunn
Year: 2014
Country: Canada

The story of a lonely traveler on a business trip to New York City who finds himself on an online dating site trading photos with an uncomfortably familiar stranger. [mature]
Director’s Statement: Stephen Dunn
I’ve been kind of perplexed lately by Grindr and this whole online dating world. That’s where I get a lot of motivation for my work, as a way to overcome my own fears or insecurities. I was originally going to include one of my own stories, but I just found these were so much better.

Russian Roulette 
5 minutes
Director: Ben Aston
Year: 2014
Country: United Kingdom

In this sweet live-action short, London seems a little less lonely when Lucy meets a cosmonaut on Chatroulette, an online chat site. [mature]
Director’s Statement: Ben Aston
Made for under £50 ($75) while on preproduction for another film, Russian Roulette is proof that the best effect your astro-short will ever need is a smart writer (Oli Fenton) and great actors (Bec Hill, Stewart Lockwood).

The Bad Boy of Bowling 
Short Documentary
19 minutes
Director: Bryan Storkel
Year: 2015
Country: USA

Pete Weber is the self-declared “bad boy of bowling” and the first rock star of the sport. As one writer put it, “He’s the greatest show in bowling. Or, depending on how you judge him, he’s a giant black eye on a sport constantly searching for respect.” This funny and touching short documentary tells the story of the past, present, and future of bowling through the eyes of its most colorful and controversial character.
Director’s Statement: Bryan Storkel
I love docs with quirky characters...and you can’t find a better character than the “bad boy of bowling.” My goal in this film was to take a rather eccentric character (and a crazy moment that much of society viewed as a joke) and bring a new perspective to it. I want the audience to go into the film thinking one thing, and leave with a whole new outlook.

Short Documentary
23 minutes
Director: Diane Hodson, Jasmine Luoma
Year: 2014
Country: USA

This meditative portrait unveils the inner workings of iconoclastic psychogeographer and convicted sex offender Denis Wood, a man who unapologetically pushes boundaries both personally and professionally, revealing thoughts and beliefs we usually think of as being unexplainable and “unmappable.” [mature]
Directors’ Statement: Diane Hodson, Jasmine Luoma
By society’s standards, sex offenders are expected to live life on the fringes. Our subject, however, does not. This film was intended to take a look at what makes him such an exception. It is our hope that the film will confront viewers’ assumptions about “fixed” human behavior, as well as provoke discussion on a topic many do their best to avoid.
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