Launch 2 minutes Director: Melissa Turner Ashland Street Cinema Fri 3:40 pm , Ashland Street Cinema Sat 10:10 am

Why do we surround love with such hate? 

PridePrize Winner 

PridePrize funded by the Equity Foundation

Plays with:
100% Human 
Launch 3 minutes Director: Grayson Munoz

Are you Human? 

PridePrize Honorable Mention

8-Bit Trip 
Launch 1 minutes Director: Colin Davis

An animation that uses an 8-bit style of design with influences from the book Uprooted.

A Day in the Life 
Launch 5 minutes Director: Liam Pettee

A film about parkour and freerunning.

Beyond This Moment 
Launch 2 minutes Director: Jayden Becker

Beyond this moment, we can only imagine that we have yet another moment. Dedicated 2my Dad. I’m so grateful for the moments I had with you.

Eagle Feather 
Launch 4 minutes Director: Pace Encell

A sweet, gentle look at contemporary American Indian life.

Launch Grades 9-12 Winner 
I Move 
Launch 4 minutes Director: Amirah David

Life moves. Let’s move with it.
Launch 1 minutes Director: Brian Davis

A warning from a master of unlocking.


Outside the Box 
Launch 4 minutes Director: Jesse Widener

Two girls dance ballet and pursue an uncommon encore.

Launch 3 minutes Director: Billy King

What would you do to save your love (if you were a pumpkin)?

Launch College Honorable Mention 

Roller Derby Revival 
Launch 5 minutes Director: Megan Deck

This film covers the brief history of a local roller derby league and breaks the negative stereotypes about the sport.


Launch 7 minutes Director: Alison Hoffman, Michael Bryant

The story of how one rugby player sparked a movement at SOU and how the sport changed each Rugger’s life.

Squeaky Guy Painting 
Launch 3 minutes Director: Caleb Williams

Three clay people (Squeaky Guy, Fog Dog, and the Box) jump into a painting.

Launch Grades 9-12 Honorable Mention 

The Children's Festival: Celebrating 50 Years 
Launch 5 minutes Director: Owen Patridge, Festival Artwork by Pat Blair

This film is a documentary about the volunteer Children’s Festival, an annual community event for kids and families.

Without a Trace 
Launch 4 minutes Director: Madeline Schwartz

When an exhausted Pixar intern discovers she has misplaced five pages of her storyboards, she panics. Fortunately, her project lends her a hand. 

Launch College Winner