Kato's Challenge 
Shorts 9 minutes Director: Rick Shaw Armory Sun 09:30am

Ashland Middle School students find their friendships tested amidst bullying, alienation and peer pressure.

Plays with:
A Poem for Dick 
Shorts 4 minutes Director: Mo Costello, Sangye Ince-Johannsen

This visual poem asks: “If you were asked to write a great basketball screenplay, what would you write?”

Don't Eat Something If You Don't Know What It Is! 
Shorts 5 minutes Director: Sergei Boutenko

An educational rap about the perils of eating unknown plants showcased in a hip-hop inspired music video. 

How Was Your Day? 
Shorts 5 minutes Director: Ethan Page, Samuel Wimmer

As two boys are dropped off at school, parents should ask themselves, “What do they do at school all day?”


Shorts 5 minutes Director: Ryan Pfeil

A young man meticulously prepares himself for a date.  When was the last time you felt a love like this?

Shorts 5 minutes Director: Stacey Katlain

A cerebral modern dance film which explores the intimate relationship between environment and self.

Robot Love 
Shorts 4 minutes Director: Ross Williams

The story of a robot’s crush on a young woman is told in reverse.

Sometimes Children Have To Make Waves 
Shorts 5 minutes Director: Annabel Allen

Every Monday morning when there is frost, a class of children creates their own waves when no one is watching.

Super Sledder 
Shorts 2 minutes Director: Alec Meyers

This stop-motion animation follows a sled ride that becomes a magical journey.
Shorts 4 minutes Director: Eli Turner

Adults quickly become children when reminded of a favorite game.

The Spirit Behind Bowmer in the Park 
Shorts 14 minutes Director: Cici Brown

When a cracked beam closed the Oregon Shakespeare Festival Bowmer Theatre, the community came together to exemplify: “the show must go on!”