Pretty Piece of Justice 
Shorts 9 minutes Director: Laney D'Aquino Varsity 1 Mon 3:00pm

This comedy follows a superhero-in-training, but in a small town, crime can be hard to come by.

Plays with:
Shorts 4 minutes Director: Alex Williams

If David can’t save his grieving friend Mark from hurting himself, he has an extraordinary backup plan.

An Ordinary Life 
Shorts 28 minutes Director: Patricia Somers, Willow Denker

A glimpse into the life of Dot Fisher-Smith: mystical artist, war resister, environmental activist, community presence and jailbird.

Four Daughters 
Shorts 3 minutes Director: Ray Nomoto Robison

A daughter consoles her father when he is overcome with regret about how he’s spent their time together.

Pizza Deliverance 
Shorts 9 minutes Director: Cyle Ziebarth

A pizza delivery guy wryly narrates the typical night delivering for an atypical clientele in this animated film.

The Next, Best West 
Shorts 36 minutes Director: Darren Campbell

New conceptions of progress challenge old ways of thinking that once steered our exploitation of the west.