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Varsity 4 Thursday, April 06, 2017 - 6:10 pm  add this block to your calendar

The Missing Sun
79 minutes
Director: Brennan Vance

Oregon Premiere

After a solar are powers down her remote community, Alma discovers her husband Terry comatose. Suspecting he is having an out-of-body affair with an ex-lover, Alma attempts to bring him back to reality with help from his estranged, drug-addled son and the leader of a new-age religion that specializes in astral travel. 

Directorís Statement: Brennan Vance 

For me, cinema functions at its highest potential when it not only excites the mind and senses, but drives deeper into that part of ourselves that is undefinable, mercurial, soulful. It is there I believe that cinema can impact us most meaningfully and change us in fundamental ways. Countless times in my life Iíve been transfigured, uplifted, crushed, healed, turned upside-down and set right again by cinema. The Missing Sun is my attempt to, in whatever small way I can, make good on cinemaís promise to transform and transcend.