Greg Loser Films

The Last Leatherman of the Vale of Cashmere Shorts 14 minutes Director: Greg Loser Varsity 5 Fri 9:30 pm, Varsity 5 Sat 9:30 pm, Varsity 1 Mon 3:00 pm, Varsity 5 Mon 9:30 pm Plays with: Election Night, Hijo por Hijo, Kish, Plea, The Tables, Univitellin, White Face

Oregon Premiere

Men have always met men in the Vale of Cashmere. An aging man takes an irreverent trip down memory lane as he visits the cruising destination of his youth, tucked away in a corner of Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. Here amidst the thickets where secrecy once reigned, he contemplates a new world. 

Director’s Statement: Greg Loser 

I’m fascinated by old men. Principally because I’ll be one before long.