Juan Avella Films

Hijo por Hijo Shorts 11 minutes Director: Juan Avella Varsity 5 Fri 9:30 pm, Varsity 5 Sat 9:30 pm, Varsity 5 Mon 9:30 pm Plays with: Election Night, Plea, The Last Leatherman of the Vale of Cashmere, Univitellin, White Face

Oregon Premiere

The life of a Venezuelan kidnapper is turned upside down when his own son is kidnapped by the father of his latest victim. Subtitles 

Director’s Statement: Juan Avella 

Every day, hundreds of Venezuelan citizens are victims of the lucrative crime of kidnapping. I wanted to condemn such actions and raise global awareness. But I wanted to portray the kidnappers as complex human beings, humanize them if you like. But what intrigued me the most was giving the criminal a taste of his own medicine and forcing him to explore the emotional roller coaster he inflicts on others.

URL: juanavella.com