Lin Wang Films

Death in a Day Shorts 14 minutes Director: Lin Wang Varsity 3 Thu 9:40 pm, Varsity 3 Fri 10:10 am, Varsity 3 Sun 10:10 am Plays with: 4 Pounds of Flowers, Black Canaries, Já Passou, Love, Roadside Attraction No.1

Oregon Premiere

Seven-year-old Evan would enjoy nothing more than to spend his day at home, playing with his toys. But he and his mother, Wei, must visit his comatose father in the hospital. There, he watches helplessly as his mother tries to cope and he begins to understand how his life will soon be very different. Subtitles 

Director’s Statement: Lin Wang 

This story rose from a long and mesmerizing dream of my unconscious self. I was pondering in front of a lake inside which a group of masked men, standing just below the surface of water, looked back at me. Just a few months later, my uncle was diagnosed with liver cancer and passed away. Memories flooded back: how he taught me to swim, how he drowned himself in alcohol, how his family was torn apart. This film is dedicated to him and his family.