Mac Premo Films

The Function of Music Short Documentary 4 minutes Director: Mac Premo Varsity 2 Thu 12:20 pm, Varsity 2 Sat 09:50 am, Varsity 2 Sun 9:20 pm, Varsity 2 Mon 6:20 pm Plays with: Balloonfest, Kish, Pickle, The Boatman, The Man is the Music, The Tables

Oregon Premiere

Jad Abumrad, host of the popular NPR program RadioLab, sits down with director Mac Premo to discuss what sound and music are and what function music plays in our lives. Abumrad’s surprising and humorous insights are punctuated by Premo’s mix of collage, live action film, and stop-motion animation. 

Director’s Statement: Mac Premo 

There’s a shitload I don’t know. This is the first in what I hope will become a series of films where I speak to people who are smarter than me about things that they are smarter than me about. And then I turn that conversation into a film. 

Short Docs sponsored by Ashland Home Net/Project A (Jim Teece & Dena Matthews)