Maris Curran Films

The Man is the Music Short Documentary 19 minutes Director: Maris Curran Varsity 2 Thu 12:20 pm, Varsity 2 Sat 09:50 am, Varsity 2 Sun 9:20 pm, Varsity 2 Mon 6:20 pm Plays with: Balloonfest, Kish, Pickle, The Boatman, The Function of Music, The Tables

Oregon Premiere

A reflection on art as a way of life, The Man is the Music draws us into the imaginative and captivating world of artist and musician Lonnie Holley. Raised in Jim Crow Alabama, he finds beauty in the discarded objects he discovers on roadsides and in accumulations of what other people might call trash, creating a unique perspective on what it means to be socially discarded. 

Director’s Statement: Maris Curran 

Holley’s work is a means of connection, a way to deal with loss, and a means to survive. He compulsively creates— often without editing. As an artist and the daughter of an artist, I understand that it is in the process where the magic happens.

Short Docs sponsored by Ashland Home Net/Project A (Jim Teece & Dena Matthews)