Nathan Truesdell Films

Balloonfest Short Documentary 6 minutes Director: Nathan Truesdell Varsity 2 Thu 12:20 pm, Varsity 2 Sat 09:50 am, Varsity 2 Sun 9:20 pm, Varsity 2 Mon 6:20 pm Plays with: Kish, Pickle, The Boatman, The Function of Music, The Man is the Music, The Tables

Oregon Premiere

Cleveland attempts to overcome its nickname, “ The Mistake by the Lake” by launching 1.5 million balloons. Original news footage from the 1986 event captures both the excitement of the event and its serious, unplanned consequences. 

Director’s Statement: Nathan Truesdell 

Sometimes, when you start a project, you can’t imagine the journey that awaits you. When I started Balloonfest, in 1986, I was only 7 years old. Like Cleveland, at the end of a long journey, we all got something we had never expected.

Short Docs sponsored by Ashland Home Net/Project A (Jim Teece & Dena Matthews)