Réka Bucsi Films

Love Shorts 15 minutes Director: Réka Bucsi Varsity 3 Thu 9:40 pm, Varsity 3 Fri 10:10 am, Varsity 3 Sun 10:10 am Plays with: 4 Pounds of Flowers, Black Canaries, Death in a Day, Já Passou, Roadside Attraction No.1

Oregon Premiere

In saturated colors and dissolving frames, this animated short depicts the meaning of love after a dramatic event in a distant solar system. Abstract haiku-like situations reveal changes in atmosphere caused by a change of gravity and light and a pulsing planet’s effect on its inhabitants as they become one with each other in unpredictable ways. 

Director’s Statement: Réka Bucsi 

I wanted to capture the feeling of love without focusing on only individuals. I was also inspired by how a sun cycle works, what states it has to go through, and what effect it has on other planets. I made myself this orbit as a base, where I set up rules that made me feel comfortable about telling a short story while not getting too narrative. I wanted the film to become something that the viewer would like to touch and be part of.