Robin Polak Films

Speechless Shorts 7 minutes Director: Robin Polak Ashland Street Cinema Sun 6:40 pm, Varsity 3 Mon 10:10 am Plays with: A Thousand Mothers, High Chaparral

Oregon Premiere

Alone, a little boy walks through a toy store full of people speaking in a strange and incomprehensible language. A beautiful woman, shopping with her young daughter, finds a way to communicate with him without words. He whispers something to her that she is not prepared to hear. 

Director’s Statement: Robin Polak 

When I came from the Czech Republic to Germany, my parents and I didn’t own anything other than an old suitcase. We applied for political asylum and I came to kindergarten without knowing a single German word. I still haven’t forgotten this special feeling of not being understood or being able to communicate with anyone. The refugee topic is now more relevant than ever and, of course, it deeply concerns me given my own past. However, far from a morality tale the true purpose of my movie is to bring this specific feeling to life and a bit closer to our privileged reality.