Zack Godshall Films

The Boatman Short Documentary 13 minutes Director: Zack Godshall Varsity 2 Thu 12:20 pm, Varsity 2 Sat 09:50 am, Varsity 2 Sun 9:20 pm, Varsity 2 Mon 6:20 pm Plays with: Balloonfest, Kish, Pickle, The Function of Music, The Man is the Music, The Tables

Oregon Premiere

As their 71st wedding anniversary approaches, Selina and Joseph Gonzales reflect on endurance, love, and fortitude after the years of living in Yscloskey, Louisiana a decade after Hurricane Katrina. Joseph, the boatman, navigates the onset of blindness, hoping to finish building the boat he started decades ago and put it in the water before the next hurricane arrives. 

Director’s Statement: Zack Godshall 

In The Boatman, I combine the themes of several of my previous films—life along Louisiana’s disappearing coastline, surviving floods and hurricanes, and building big things—in this case a house and a 65-foot oyster boat. Given my familiarity with the main themes, I did my best to step back and allow Joseph and Selina Gonzales tell their own story of resilience and triumph.

Short Docs sponsored by Ashland Home Net/Project A (Jim Teece & Dena Matthews)