Title:  Pink Boy
Category:  Short Documentary
Length:  15 Minutes
Filmmaker(s):  Eric Rockey
Year:  2015
Country:  USA

Ashland Street Cinema - Thu 12:40 PM (4/7)
Ashland Street Cinema - Fri 12:40 PM (4/8)
Ashland Street Cinema - Sun 12:40 PM (4/10)

Self-described butch lesbian, BJ, successfully avoids wearing dresses her entire life until she and her partner Sherrie adopt Jeffrey, who dances and performs for them in gowns. Now that six-year-old Jeffrey wishes to dress up in public, BJ must navigate where it is safe for him, from school, to a rodeo in Georgia to the ultimate holiday for a pink boy, Halloween. 

Director’s Statement: Eric Rockey 

As a gay man who grew up in a different era, I experienced what it was like to be in the closet. I was inspired by stories about families whose children expressed their gender differences at the earliest age. When I met BJ, Sherrie, and Jeffrey (now Jessie), I felt that I had found the family that could best tell this story. Not only were they vibrant characters who were easy to connect with, but the rural Florida area they lived in provided a sometimes not so sympathetic backdrop. 
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