Title:  Women's Voices: The Gender Gap
Category:  Short Documentary
Length:  16 Minutes
Filmmaker(s):  Jenny Rohrer
Year:  1984
Country:  USA

Varsity 4 - Thu 3:10 PM (4/7)
Varsity 4 - Fri 6:10 PM (4/8)
Varsity 4 - Sat 3:10 PM (4/9)
Varsity 4 - Mon 12:10 PM (4/11)

This film was originally made to mobilize women voters before the 1984 election, when Ronald Reagan was running against former Vice President Walter Mondale. The documentary explores the growing difference in the voting patterns of men and women (the gender gap) that could no longer be denied by the mid-1980s. It interweaves testimony by a diverse group of women discussing the issues that matter to them with satirical animated scenes by the cartoonist Nicole Hollander, creator of the comic strip Sylvia. 

Directors’ Statement: Jenny Rohrer 

Women’s Voices: The Gender Gap was Kartemquin Films’ effort to document the damage that Ronald Reagan’s “trickle-down’ economics had done to women, families, seniors, and students as we approached the 1984 election year. The film was used widely to mobilize voters in that campaign, the first to include a female vice-presidential candidate on the ticket, Geraldine Ferraro. 

Part of the 50th Anniversary Tribute to Kartemquin Films 
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