Title:  4 Pounds of Flowers
Category:  Shorts
Length:  15 Minutes
Filmmaker(s):  Rob Richert
Year:  2016
Country:  USA

Varsity 3 - Thu 9:40 pm (4/6)
Varsity 3 - Fri 10:10 am (4/7)
Varsity 3 - Sun 10:10 am (4/9)

Oregon Premiere

Kayla and Trevor have struggled for years, eking out a living on their remote pot farm in Northern California. As they set off to make their last sale of the season, they learn something that will force them to confront their way of life and idealistic, but dysfunctional status quo. 

Director’s Statement: Rob Richert 

The few years my friend and his partner grew pot, they experienced a feature film’s worth of drama. It wasn’t until I set foot in their neighbor’s home, however, that I knew I needed to depict this world on screen. Here in the redwoods and mud, self-isolation and economic pressures are the real source of trouble, not the ashy shootouts of drug kingpins.

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