Title:  Fox
Category:  Shorts
Length:  28 Minutes
Filmmaker(s):  Jacqueline Lentzou
Year:  2016
Country:  Greece

Varsity 2 - Fri 3:20 pm (4/7)
Varsity 2 - Sat 6:20 pm (4/8)
Varsity 2 - Sun 12:20 pm (4/9)

US Premiere

On a hot, summer day in Athens, Greece, Stephanos has a fight with his mother. She leaves him in charge of his two young siblings and their dog, Lucy, who is sick. A lively afternoon of pizza, water fights, and a flirty visit from Stephanos’ girlfriend is marred only by the continuous ringing of the telephone, which he finally answers. Will this turn out to be the last carefree day of their lives? Subtitles 

Director’s Statement: Jacqueline Lentzou 

In 2013, I went to the first funeral of my life. I said goodbye to the most significant figure of my childhood. Witnessing the very fact of death and then attending the ceremony were two absolutely new experiences and I found myself floating in between in utter uneasiness. In a similarly uneasy way, Fox was born to discuss this awkward point in time.

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